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Glutamine supplement



Glutamine is the most common amino acid (building block of proteins) in the body. Glutamine is produced in the muscles and is distributed by the blood to the organs that need it. It is a conditionally essential amino acid, which means that the body is normally able to produce enough to meet its metabolic needs.

But in times of extreme stress (the kind that you experience after strenuous exercise (or injury), your body may need more glutamine than it can make. Most Glutamine is stored in muscles, followed by the lungs in which a lot of Glutamine is produced.

What are the benefits of Glutamine?

  • The main functions of the amino acid Glutamine are: 
    • is to support cellular growth,
    • supply of energy 
    • supporting repairs. 
    • also, Glutamine is needed to make other substances in the body, such as other amino acids and glucose (sugar)

    Glutamine can help your immune system to function properly and can even give it a good boost when needed.

    Glutamine helps with muscle recovery. It can reduce muscle soreness by improving muscle repair and glycogen breakdown! It promotes muscle growth and reduces muscle breakdown, improving athletic performance and endurance.

    1. Glutamine has the ability to repair the digestive tract. It is a primary fuel source for enterocytes (cells that line the inside of the small intestine). Studies show that glutamine supplementation supports the health of the intestinal wall.<>People with peptic ulcer disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, celiac disease, spastic or leaky gut may benefit from glutamine supplementation.
    2. Glutamine increases metabolism and cellular detoxification. It removes excess ammonia (a common waste product in the body) particularly also in the brain. Glutamine is the non-toxic transporter of ammonia into the bloodstream.
    3. When the body is stressed (from injury, infection, burns, trauma or surgery) it releases the hormone cortisol into the bloodstream. High levels of cortisol can reduce the amount of glutamine in your body, which can lead to muscle loss. Several studies show that adding glutamine to tube feeds helps reduce the risk of death in trauma and critically ill patients.
    4. It is important as a 'fuel' (nitrogen and carbon) for many different cells in the body. After surgery or trauma, nitrogen is needed to repair injuries and keep vital organs functioning. About a third of this nitrogen comes from glutamine. When the body uses more glutamine than the muscles can produce (i.e. during periods of exercise), muscle loss can occur.
    5. Glutamine supplements can also help recover from severe burns.
    6. It improves the well-being of people who have suffered traumatic injuries and helps prevent infections in seriously ill people.
    7. It improves recovery after a bone marrow transplant or bowel surgery,
    8. Another important function is to provide energy for the brain. The brain can only use glucose, not fat, as an energy source. In times of stress, such as during exercise or illness, the brain may not get enough glucose for energy. As the brain is the most important organ, L-glutamine is directed to the brain. Here it can be converted into a sugar element that can be used by the brain as fuel.
    9. It helps to improve memory and concentration.
    10. Glutamine is the non-toxic carrier of ammonia in the bloodstream.
    11. Reduces cravings for sugar and alcohol.
    Glutamine supplement 

      Glutamine supplement


    The Recover-Me supplement has the focus that it has a positive impact on the effect instead of an "impressive" label with a long list of ingredients.

    Mixing ingredients that have not been scientifically tested in a mixed form, exposes the consumer to unwanted side effects or no effect at all. (Even if these ingredients have been individually proven to be safe or effective at different levels).

    The Glutamine supplement Recover-Me is unique in linking different amino acids, a complex carbohydrate to prolong absorption, while remaining low in glycemic.

    The Glutamine supplement Recover-Me is unique in its night intake. The main reason why Recover-Me has been developed is to offer a supplement with scientifically proven, medical, beneficial influence that crosses the brain barrier through night use, so that cell regeneration is optimized.

    For anti-aging and deep sleep effect, the Glutamine supplement Recover-Me has added L-glutamine, which protects the stomach wall and is steps away from converting to nitric oxide.

    The Glutamine supplement Recover-Me is made in Europe for quality reasons, in a facility that meets the strictest legal guidelines. 

    We use only the highest available pharmaceutical ingredients for consistent quality and complete customer satisfaction.

    • The production of nitric oxide, increases muscle mass and maintains bone density by stimulating the production of growth hormone, which also leads to a reduction in fat tissue. As a result, it can be useful in weight management and strength training.
    •  Click here to see the videos in which Dr Ignarro explains what nitric oxide does for our bodies.
    More about Arginine
    • The formula of Recover-Me Anti-Aging supplement is optimised to slow down the ageing process as much as possible.
    • It allows you to gain some control over the ageing process by restoring vascular vitality, reversing age-related symptoms of cell metabolism and improving your sleep. 
    • This requires that the right substances for maintaining and building up the body are present and that those substances effectively reach their destination through the bloodstream. 
    • The endothelium needs L-Arginine to produce the nitric oxide.
    • After the age of 23, the body barely produces and absorbs L-Arginine.
    • If you only take a supplement of L-Arginine, your body will not absorb it sufficiently.
    • Recover-Me is a unique formula of amino acids in the correct proportions combined with a unique carrier, which optimises the production of nitric oxide in the body.

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